Friday, November 16, 2007

back to the future II

ok, so i was trying to find a lead-in to new work, in all it's rough-ness. the first set of thumbnails are from the space kids story in the last few posts, to wrap that stuff up, and also hint at whats around the corner with the other set. theyre from a story jason latour, rico and i are working on called "loose ends". yeah, i went a lil overboard with sherri, the young lady.... please remember i spent the last 2 years drawing basketball players!


Jason Latour said...

Chris Be, comics assassin.

-J La

arnie said...

i noticed your thumbnails look almost exact to the panel, for your pages. did you use any light boxing, or similar reproducing techniques? or are they just straight redrawn in larger scale?

peace out

capprotti said...

Hellz yes. New Rico and Chris back and bad as hell!!! Ha ha, so looking forward to that book. Any word on a release date?!

chris be said...

thanks capriotti! we got a ways to go still, but were shooting for summer/fall next year. keep checkin the page, theres plenty more coming.

arnie-yeah, i do a few different things depending on whats available, lightbox, or a window, or a printer. i prefer to scan, enlarge, print in non photo blue, and keep tightening til it works. the rougher stuff gets lightboxed, its when the sketch is nailed, and i dont want it to lose the juice, that it goes to the scanner. thanks for checkin in!

latour-jes tell me what to kill sir ;p

p.s. should mention also how much i dig the work of these fellas, we're in excellent company.