Saturday, November 3, 2007

Who fixes the Fixer?

The kids do! Chris had a false start on this Upperdeck VS. card. I think Chris grabbed the wrong ref for the character and had to redraw him (Chris will probably remember this better than I do). Anyway, it's one of my favorite cards we've done for the series. I like the gangster looking guy better than the Cable looking guy anyway.


arnie said...

okay i was wondering what happened there. i thought he morphed or something. anyway i like the way the background if is seperated from the gangsta'. sweet fellas'

peace out

REAU said...

this is a great piece.


Craig Zablo said...

Both versions are nice but I also prefer the gangster.

chris be said...

glad you all dig! haha, yeah, the marvel reference search engine spit out just the one fixer, turned out there was two......the gangster is better, but i hadda work a lil too hard for that tech to go unused. heh, the whole time i was wondering why a guy would need all these far-out machines just to fix a fight. shouldve known!