Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kids with Guns

Chris did some Star Wars stuff back in the day. His inking sure was different back then! I was working overnight at Kinko's (teaching myself Photoshop after the work was all done) and Chris would send me the stuff he was working on. For fun I took a stab at coloring this page, I didn't get far and the bit I did was junk. So go ahead and laugh, I can take it.

Chris is out of town for a few days enriching young minds. I will try to keep up with the posts, hopefully I can dig up some more old and embarassing stuff. Eventually we'll use this blog for the reason we intended, to keep you guys up to date with what we are working on.


arnie said...

sweet, it's always nice to share your humble beginings..

peace out

Jason Latour said...

Now that's old skoooooool.

It's not the current jedi master level of shit but it still rocks.

-J La