Monday, November 19, 2007

ganja babe

youd think a beautiful nekkid lady wrapped in green plants with red hair would be a gimme. sometimes i just dont want to give up the goods like that...........tried to do somethin different, mebbe was a lil too different. for Gotham Central (#32) anyways. really fell in love with the angles and curves, dunno if i lost the plot but i like it. Mark Irwin inked and improved, prolly the only inker who couldve done so; Rico colored and made things sing. as always. dig the fade an hated to lose so much purple.
tonight i went to see my pop referee an ABA game along with my baby brother Alex. the kids a damn prodigy on the court, its sick. besides that though, he did a whole great play-by-play thing, including comments like "thats the worst call dads made all year". turns mean into funny! ah, what can you do, who else has a job so unforgiving with mistakes?
as an aside, pop is a self-described "professional a$$hole": referee, landlord, welfare-case worker. its lucky to be able to draw for loot, he puts in a long day. you know a lot of 50 year-olds who sprint with college kids? thanks pop.


arnie said...

see, but thatwaht i like about your interpretations of gothams characters. you push to do something different, see it can stand out. after all doesn't standing out help the "bottom line"?

keep pushing

peace out

chris be said...

damn arnie, thanks for pushing us onto the next drawin or post. for almost any other book, id agree with you. and here i did, for about 6 months. this was one of the few books i was reading the time.....and they really did have a "look" established. ivy ended up just a touch more graphic than what i think they were looking for. not like im lookin to confess, just it wasnt the wisest style, professionally, so, you know, i hope someone can learn from that. it took awhile to see it clearly. same thing, to the Nth degree, with the batmang sketches Rico posted a bit ago- tight colors, fine figure......but wheres batman?
anyways, thanks again for checkin an postin, when Rico gets back we'll figure out some kind of frequent flier program for you ;p

Surfer Joe said...

Love it; too funny about your pops! If I ever come back to 'Cuse, you gotta hook me up a game mang... Anyhoo, thanks for the kind words; always easy and fun to ink great pencils. You da mang.