Tuesday, November 20, 2007

from out the primordial soup

so. in a previous post, arnie commented on how faithful the kids pages are to thumbnails. right on, yes, they are. to Rico's eternal torment. nearly every drawing starts off like this madness up top, every step after is an attempt to clean up without f*ckin up. its pretty strange. you see anything up there in that image? i dunno, not only am i seeing finished pages that dont exist yet, but multiple versions (that will end up trashed). in in this stage, im staring at what must look like gibberish, but bouncing eyeballs like pinballs, looking at doodles in different orders, trying to see what ones pop-off the best chemical reaction. comics are so awesome.
Rico does great things with mood and the dot patterns- somethin you cant doodle. the work is so much better when he colors up the rough before it gets to pencils. steering a drawing towards the best color scheme, thats the glue.
hey, lets meet up here in a bit an see what gets cut and what makes the team.


arnie said...

you said it, mood... lets work with that because not to many people use that term any more, in conjunction with laying out a comic. "mood" is a pharse me and my buddy defined as " the glue that holds it together, and draws you in".. that's what got me hooked on the thumbs. i saw someone that wan't just going through the motions, but was searching for something...the "mood" of the page.

that up yonder is awesome! keep pushin'

peace out

Jason Latour said...

Looking at this stuff makes me feel like I'm reading your mind.

I like what you're thinking.

-J La

Shawn Crystal said...

i LOVE seeing your thumbs! I love the shapes you come up with. You've got me thinking sir, thinking more and more about process. I need to chat it up with you, get your thoughts on this stuff.
I thought i posted this already, why you erasing my posts!
Rico, you Rock also!