Monday, November 19, 2007

the super cooper

it turns out there's gonna be a new star trek movie, like a re-casting of kirk and the rest. keeps making me think of this though, favorite trek-cast. oh god, im going to die of nerdiness.
so......where are the new jams? Rico and i have 2 projects on the plate: "loose ends" ready and rarin to go (early out the gate so far), and a second super short one with ink-slinger Mark Irwin. this second one is piping hot with a script due any day now. yep. aaaannnny day now ;p its not present day, and may or may not include some form of martial arts. yeah, its just comics, not national security, but i gotta be somewhat mum. if youre looking for a new art fix, check out some Shawn Crystal (link to the right), his stuff is like Pixar cut with EC Comics. Lush brush-work, 3D in 2D, and the darkness!

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