Friday, November 2, 2007

sting vs the police

an early jam.......sometimes it goes like this, i draw, rico colors. sometimes, like that banner up there, its ricos idea. either way, better than a solo.


ChrisOrtega said...

Awesome stuff. I especially dig seein the inprog!
very cool.

IrisOn said...

beautiful work, cant wait to see more stuff

Craig Zablo said...

You're off to a great start! I've bookmarked you and will be back regularly!

capprotti said...

I'm soooo damn happy to hear you guys've got a blog now! Definitely on the list of daily blog visits. I've always loved the attitude of this piece, she seems so caught in a moment.

arnie said...

yeah i like the progression, you never take away from each other, but, enhance as you go.

i'll be back..

peace out

Anonymous said...

Hey Brother,
Nice stuff as always. When you guys work together it's like magic.
Hope all is well.

Jonboy! said...

HA! I've found you! Dope stuff Chris and nice Colors RRRRico! What stuff are you guys working on now!?!?

chris be said...

Ortega! Herc! Craig! Jonboy! folks i dont know (yet)!
damn you all found us fast! thanks everyone for the big ups, it means alot. we've got a backlog of old stuff to bring out and new comics on the way, hope you can stick around. laterskaters

rico said...

Thanks for giving our blog a peek folks, hope we can keep it interesting! Y'all come back now.