Saturday, November 17, 2007

this aint a game

hey all, hope youre havin an allright saturday night..........turns out im cooped up drawing. this is a most honorable jam, kicked off by Mike Wieringo, and wrapped up by Rico an myself. dont know where to start with Mike, one of the all-time greats ( and this a belated thanks), i assume no stranger to saturday night sessions. his work was the straight essence of american comics though, all the good stuff distilled. R.I.P.
this past weekend i was lucky enough to be invited to the Savannah College of Art and Designs' Comics Art Forum. Mark Shultz, Jill Thompson, Clement Sauve, Bernard Chang, Kaz Strzepek, Heidi Arnhold, Sanford Greene and Jeff Parker were all guests, i got to tag along. each and every one of these folks' impressed and inspired, not nearly as much as the students- yow, they are beasts! Schweizer, Hunter, Justin, Cara, Doug, Dominic, Olu, and, damn, Cale. you all do some amazing, amazing work, can't wait to put down dollars for your books! (full names and links on the way). thanks for reminding me the best is around the corner.
thanks as well to Shawn Crystal, Pat Quinn, Nolan Woodard, Bob Pendarvis, and John Lowe.

also- the manga girls are coming!

new stuff tomorrow, depending on what kinda party my kid brothers throwing tonight.

p.s. for those who attended the panel discussion......Jaime Hernandez and Andrian Tomine did start off self-publishing, aye, they have "real" publishers now...........well...yeah.


Cara said...

Dude, it was great to be able to meet you and you totally helped make the drive to Savannah more entertaining. Thanks for coming down and schoolin' us, I've been totally inspired since that weekend :D

chris be said...

hey Cara, back atcha! it was inspiring (and humbling) to meet you and dig on your work. as accomplished as you are now, its where youll be in a few years thats so damn exciting. (haha, yeah, i guess i sound like a Team Comics cheerleader ;p) anyways, it was great to be road-trippin with you. thanks for showing up to my rambling workshop, i look foward to attending one of yours.