Thursday, March 17, 2011



Brandon Padgett said...

Nailed it. The thumbnail just doesn't do this one justice, you HAVE to blow it up to appreciate it fully.
FANTASTIC hair...something taken for granted all too often, but the hair is downright hypnotic!
And the angles in the facial structure will almost cut you!
The color/shading choices really make this one pop I could go on and on about this one!
Stunning Chris...stunning!

Shawn Crystal said...

I feel like such a novice when i see your drawings. You have such command of your craft, and an understanding of form it's simply amazing.

Adrian Johnson said...

Great job, CB!

Can never go wrong with Helena Bonham Carter. You nailed that dark hair and those eyes.... whoooooo, sir.

chris be said...

brandon-howdy and thanks sir! the original is a lil bigger than thumbnail size- lets say big toenail size? the only way to not get lost in all the hair ;p reading how enthused you were really put a step in my drawin day.
professor jungle bird - it's good to feel like a novice, how else are we gonna learn? if i didn't i wouldn't be trying to figure out all these faces. i swear, every single one is whole new ball of wax.
adriaaaaan!- you must be as sick of that joke as rico is of gerardo. unfortunately, you can go wrong with her, as i found out the hard way. after doing due diligence with the full oscars list, and really enjoying her in "the kings speech" , i lost my damn mind and thought " 'howards end', why not?" despite the fact that her hair in that goes down to her waist nearly, the movie put me in a f*cking coma. good god. thanks for saying hey, always good to hear from you.
BTW, i just came across emails from you and braxton in my yahoo account, ill holler soon from my regular gmail one, sorry bout that.

Brandon Padgett said...

I'm not surprised it's that small, but pretty amazed it holds its impact at a larger size! If you make it out to Sketch Charlotte tonight, pease bring it...I'd LOVE to see it in person!

Heather said...

Very impressive. You captured more of a sweetness than her normal over-the-top craziness (which is one of the things that I love about her).

Adrian Johnson said...

All good, CB.

In regards to can't go wrong with Helena, I was speaking more of her comely looks than her films. While she's done some decent ones, most can be long in the tooth.

And I saw her with her hair straightened...flag on the play. Naw, can't do it. Need the dark frizzy hair, sir.