Monday, March 21, 2011


learning about toes, messing with a palette from "Chinatown"


Heather said...

Chris, This is beautiful. Nice way to start my Monday.

Adrian Johnson said...

Lovely work, CB!

And when you say a palette from 'Chinatown', do you mean Chinatown the movie?

chris be said...

heather- howdy, and thanks. it's a downhill week from here
adrian- ola, thankya. yeah, i found a pretty dry/academi, but excellent, podcast about film noir called "out of the past" that explained the palette in their "Chinatown" episode. given that i'd never noticed it before, on rewatching, once it'd been pointed out, it's really, really striking and deliberate. perfect timing too, the strangelove and sonam kapoor drawings i'd one were both intentionally from b+w pics, one of the points in this "Chinatown" episode was about re-imagining noir, which is all about b+w, in color. no, i have no idea how being hung up on this will bear fruit, but i am. ;p

Anthony Diecidue (dee-etch-eh-doo-eh) said...

I really dig this one a lot. I was even thinking how I like the feet then I read your comment. Well done man.

Adrian Johnson said...


Yeah, Chinatown is one of my faves. What is striking about that movie aside from the excellent script, staging, and acting is the way that it is diametrically opposite to the established facets of film noir.

When I think of Chinatown, I think of warm sepias and off-whites; almost cream. The interiors are all austere with dark browns and oaks. The warmth of the colors serve to emphasize the seedier elements of the story.

And Polanski seems to shoot it through naturalist/local color without filters like Paul Verhoven does with his movies.

I'll need to hunt that podcast up, CB and give it a listen. Thanks for that.

And besides: 'You know what happens to nosy fellas?'

Dominic Bugatto said...

Lovely piece.

Heather said...

I took this piece to be framed today and the lady who does my framing is an interior designer and a bit of an artist herself and she loved it! She said to tell you that she's traveled all over Europe and been to all kinds of art museums and it was one of the lovelier pieces she has seen. I can't wait to have this on my wall.