Friday, March 4, 2011

fran lebowitz


Adrian Johnson said...

Man, I caught that documentary on her on HBO a few months ago. She tells it like it is and I really enjoyed it. Very interesting lady.

And yeah, she does talk with her hands and shoulders in that very New York way.

chris be said...

hey Adrian: you don't miss a trick do you? wondered if anyone saw that, came and went pretty quick. not for everyone, but i enjoyed it quite a bit too, her one-liners don't pop nearly as well in text. took a bit too long to get a screencap of her hands tho, she moves fast!

Adrian Johnson said...

Yeah, I actually saw it twice while it was in rotation for that very reason, CB. I wasn't sure if I was going to see it again.

Fran is pithy with the one liners. There's something to be said for pragmatism that cuts through the BS like a laser but is funny and true at the same time. Kind of like why I like listening to Howard Chaykin speak.