Wednesday, March 23, 2011

patti smith


Adrian Johnson said...

Ooooooooh...yeah, I'm digging it, sir.

And why it is that Patti Smith is one of those people who always photographs perfectly in black and white? I've never seen a bad b&w picture of her.

chris be said...

Is that "oooooh yeah" in the Kool-Aid man voice? The landscape of her face didn't seem to cast a lot of shadows, that might be it. She usually looks a little batty and spaced out to me (though is really soothing in interviews), this pic she had some other quality. Plus, it was a nice composition, I'm going to steal it.

Adrian Johnson said...


More like that long slow Ferris Bueller 'Ooooooooooooh... yeah, chik-chikachika-ahhhhhhhh...'

And I really found myself more lost in the background. You nailed that and it feels like night on the Strip somewhere.

Every picture of Patti Smith is kind of out there/batty but at least its consistent. Her in the button down and the loosened tie is iconic.