Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Adrian Johnson said...

Again, excellent color choices and you got the look down.

An aside:

As a young kid, I thought Grace Jones was very unattractive. In fact, it was a insult (or a 'jone'[no pun intended] as we called it back in school) to say a girl looked like Grace Jones.

However, in my older and mature age, there's a part of me that can appreciate the type of beauty that Grace Jones was rocking then. I definitely hesitate to say 'exotic' but rather, she was diametric to what standards of Western beauty were and remain to be today.

Sorry... didn't mean to go deep there. LOL!

Keep rocking, CB!

chris be said...

adrian aside: 'jone' huh? im ashamed to have found that funny for a sec- so wrong! naw, im glad you make the distinction between beautiful and attractive; they don't necessarily overlap. both with grace and barbara streisand, im basically ignorant of who they are, it was totally an aesthetic reaction i had to the particular pictures i came across, they have neat geometric shapes. i do remember grace seeming .....severe. it might be that she just looks it, even smiling, but either way that probably isnt always an asset, and she does rock it unapologetically, so, yeah, beautiful. cosigned.

Adrian Johnson said...


I think there is a distinction to be made between beautiful and attractive. It's different for everyone of course. But for me, attractiveness is all surface and face value. Beautiful is seeing and accepting the unique features and qualities of that person.

I think your Grace Jones and Streisand are beautiful. Though not attractive to me sexually, their uniquities are attractive to me aesthetically.

As for 'joning' --

Yeah, everywhere else I think kids called it 'the dozens' or 'playing the dozens'.

But down here in GA as a kid in the 80s and 90s, we called it 'joning' (i.e. 'Ooooh, Bobby and Chris on the playground joning about their mamas!').
The origin of 'joning' had nothing to do with Grace Jones I'm sure.

But saying so and so looked like Grace Jones ranked up there with 'your mama's so fat...'.


Kids... LOL!

Messenger of Messages said...

LMAO!!! My mom met her once, her dad was a pastor.