Thursday, March 24, 2011



Adrian Johnson said...

Your hands are expressive, sir. What would recommend as practice for drawing hands, CB?

I've thought about starting a sketchbook of nothing but hands.

For me, if can nail hands and horses, I'll be a happier artist.

chris be said...

thanks captain. yeah, the first time i drew a horse it was for print, kinda wish id had a few solid tries under my belt first. da vinci drew some incredible horses. as to hands, in art school we did a project where we had to get 30 or so hands on one giant piece of board, that helped a lot. ill still thumb through a magazine and draw every hand i like (and i still feel like i dont know what im doing):
i dunno sir, just dive in and have at it!

Adrian Johnson said...

That's what I was thinking on horses. You can 'feel' your way around when drawing horses. But you notice when somebody is able to draw a horse with authority instead of it looking like a tall greyhound.

As for hands, I've tried that with magazines. Then I find yourself trying to cherry pick certain hands because the fingers lay aesthetically pleasing. So maybe I should try that sketchbook of nothing but hands.