Friday, March 25, 2011



Adrian Johnson said...


You draw these arcade machines with loving detail. Were you a child of the arcades like most us kids of a certain age?

Heather said...

Ending the well as awesome as you started it. I really do enjoy these daily views into your work. Thanks for sharing.

chris be said...

adrian- thanks sir! yeah, mebbe moreso cause i didnt have the game systems at home (apart from one halcyon summer ;p). about the time the ninja turtle and simpson games were out, oh shit, and T2! ending just before....street fighter? mortal kombat? later i popped in once to try the street-fighter/x-men, that had the best wolverine, that f*cker was feral. you?
heather- hah, much appreciated! i gotta cop, the warm up from today was awful! hadda scramble to find LE roughs to share. thanks for sayin 'ey

Adrian Johnson said...


About the same. The highest console I had was a Super Nintendo growing up. But even then, I still went to the arcades. Like you, that was Ninja Turtles and Simpsons and even the X-Men 4 player version were hot. And I remember a kid getting shot at the arcade a few miles from my house over a game of Mortal Kombat. Sad but true. Then when Tekken and SoulBlade came out, that was my Golden Age. Loved those games and bringing the magazines with the complete list of character moves was a must. We studied that stuff like it was Calculus. LOL!

I was still checking the arcades until I was about 19 or 20. I really enjoyed the gun games like Silent Scope and Time Crisis and this really cool boxing game that captured your actual body movement. You actually had gloves on and everything. Though you got super sweaty, it was very fun!

And yeah, Wolverine on all those Capcom fighters was badass. That berserker rage was cheap hits for days. Similar to the one kid who does nothing but throw fireballs all day with Ryu or Ken on 'Street Fighter II'.

Munchanka said...

That chick's definitely selling me on arcades.