Monday, March 28, 2011



Adrian Johnson said...

Process question:

How are you able to get a rich, unbroken field of color from a marker?

I know when I do it with watercolor or gouache, it has to be one uninterrupted stroke or else. Often, it's 'or else' for me. LOL!

chris be said...

hey adrian- you're a champ for messing with real paints, still pretty intimidated by those. "unbroken field of color"- do you mean like the transition from one color to another? i usually put down whatever two colors, and then go over all of it again with the lightest one, so they bleed together. but that only works with a juicy marker, and i gotta move fast while everything is wet- probably alot like the paints you use. is that what you mean? i have no idea what im doing, but i try to pounce on whatever wonky is happening with the tool, old dried out brush, juicy marker, etc, theyre always doing something unintended. there's 3 warm ups from this weekend that went horribly wrong for the same reason, so take that with a pound of salt. ;p